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Look into easy-to-use interface of screen recorder

Click, explore and discover functionality of Action! screen recorder, which you can easly use to screen recording, desktop recording and capture any activity on your Windows. This screen recorder offers you tools and options for advanced screen capture. With our screen recording software you can record games, record skype videos, creating video tutorials and much more.

Action! key features:

  • The best recording performance
  • Low CPU usage!
  • Smooth HD screen recording!
  • Small screen recording files
  • Fast and easy export to YouTube
  • LIVE Streaming
  • Webcams support

Easy recordings manager

Built-in screen recording manager provides fast preview of all your video recordings. Just click a selected screen recording thumbnail to start video playback with internal Action! screen recorder player. The manager contains several buttons providing access to basic actions like uploading videos to YouTube or deleting selected screen recordings.

Quick Export to YouTube and Facebook

Just push a button to export your video recording and automatically upload selected screen recording to YouTube or Facebook. You can also select one of many predefined profiles and export your screen recordings to popular formats or mobile devices. Optimized and hardware accelerated video exporting saves your time and energy.

Fast access to basic features

Action! Screen recorder with stylish and user friendly interface provides fast and easy access to all basic features like: video recording, LIVE streaming, audio recording, games benchmarking and capturing screenshots. With outstanding performance and sleek design this screen recorder defines a new standard of user experience for real-time screen recording software.

Games and applications recording

Using Games and applications recording mode you can create professional games recording and record games in HD without lags and Live Stream all DirectX 8/9/10/11/12 and OpenGL games and apps both in fullscreen and windowed mode. Outstanding game recording performance, high video quality and lots of additional our screen recorder's features allow you to create the smoothest and the most entertaining game videos ever!

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Screen recording

Our screen recorder is reliable when you need to record only a specific screen region, simply switch Action! screen recorder to desktop region recording mode, adjust your region size and position and start desktop recording. This is perfect screen recording tool for web videos recording, video chats recording, web games recording and windowed applications recording.

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Region desktop recording

Our screen recorder is reliable when you need to record only a specific screen region, simply switch Action! screen recorder to desktop region recording mode, adjust your region size and position and start desktop recording. This is perfect screen recording tool for web videos recording, video chats recording, web games recording and windowed applications recording.

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Easy screen recording control

Just press a button or a hotkey (default is F9) in Action! screen recorder to start screen recording. This is that simple. To stop video recording press button or hotkey again. You can also download our free Android Action! Screen Recorder Remote Control app that allows you to control your screen recordings with Android mobile devices!

Desktop recording mode

Windows desktop recording

Capture Windows desktop, Windows 8 Modern UI, applications, games, presentations, websites and more!

Applications, videos and music desktop recording

Record any Windows application, music videos or any other videos from websites and multimedia players.

Video tutorials and Live training

LIVE Stream your Windows screen
and provide high quality, professional
LIVE training.

Game recording mode

Game recording

Record games, show off your skills, create walkthroughs and share your awesome game moments.

Game LIVE Streaming

Show off your skills and LIVE stream your game to,, YouTube, Ustream and more!

Maximum entertainment

Record games up to 120fps, add audio commentary, picture from 2 webcams and more!

Region Desktop recording mode

Web videos recording

Essential for music videos and all other web videos recording. Easy adjustment and perfect video quality.

Applications recording

Excellent for windowed applications recording with handy Snap to windows option.

Web browser games

Record or LIVE Stream all your favorite flash and any other web browser games.

What is the best screen recorder software?

Check the results and choose the best screen recorder ever. Action! screen recorder gives you unmached recording performance. Try it now!

Recording simple desktop actions

moving, minimizing, resizing windows.

Recording resolution: 1920x1080

Recording framerate: 60fps (if available)

System / display
Windows 7 / 1920x1080, 60hz
Graphics card
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 280
CPU model
Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q8400 @ 2.66GHz
























Recorded framerate
more is better

CPU Usage per frame
less is better

Filesize per frame (MB)
less is better

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Screen recorder in teaching, couching and training

Action! is the most reliable and efficient screen recorder in the world. It is an essential screen recording tool for every teacher, trainer or tutorial creator. Try now, enjoy the best screen recorder and find out how it will support your daily work..

Record all Windows applications

Record slideshows and presentations from

Record Fullscreen and windowed DirectX and OpenGL apps

Record Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Modern UI

Add your own logo to recorded videos

Add your voice comments

Add mouse clicks visualisations

Add stream from your FaceCam

Stream video from

Directly to

Add your own logo to streamed videos

Add your voice comments

Add stream from your Webcams

Record LIVE streamed video on local disk

Use fullscreen or region screen recording mode to capture
videos directly from any website or service

Record online presentations, slideshows and tutorials

Capture screenshots or video of any non-downloadable read only materials

Record audio files in WAV or M4A format

Record audio from chats and internet calls

Record audio from training videos

Record audio from every podcast

Create your own podcasts

Record music from any service or website

Screen recorder in studying

Action! screen recorder is a must-have screen recording software for every student. Try now and discover how you can use our screen recorder for learning, entertainment and work.

keep all materials on your local hard drive.

easily share it online with your friends

Record online movies

Record TV shows

Record LIVE sports

Record music clips

Record all LIVE streamed events

Capture all training and tutorial videos

Screen recorder for customer and technical support

Action! is the most reliable screen recorder software for PC, providing excellent screen recording quality and performance. This is the ultimate video recording tool for customer and technical support, both to document and share problems experienced on PC and to create video recordings showing how to fix technical problems.

Record a short video showing the problem you experience with your PC
or any application

Take screenshots showing problems with your computer

Record a video documenting the problem

Take screenshots documenting the problem

Create high quality tutorials with audio commentary

Record Tips and Tricks

Create videos for your FAQs

Add webcam video to your tutorials

Quickly upload your videos to YouTube or Facebook

Add your logo to protect your content

Record videos from any application, game or website

Add audio commentary

Add video from up to 2 webcams at the same time

Brand your recordings with your own logo

Screen recorder for create game recording videos

Action! as the best screen recorder allows to record and LIVE stream DirectX 12, OpenGL, Flash and any other games in excellent HD quality. Have fun playing games, keep your gameplays recorded on your hard disk or LIVE stream gameplays to popular stream services like twitch or

Show of your skills, capture gameplays, share it on YouTube or LIVE stream

Create a walkthrough series for your favorite games

Record funny or awesome game moments

Document game bugs or problems

Capture all web browser and flash games

Capture fullscreen and windowed DirectX 8/9/10/11 games

Capture fullscreen and windowed OpenGL games

Capture Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Modern UI games

Monitor current FPS

Monitor average FPS

Check games DirectX or OpenGL version

quickly capture game screenshots




The best recording performance and low CPU usage

Smooth HD game recording

Up to 20x smaller video recording files

Video recording directly to MP4 (H.264/AVC)

Audio commentary and up to 2 webcams support!

quick and easy gameplay recording upload to

Gameplay LIVE Streaming to

Control video recordings with Smartphone!

Brand and protect your content

Creating video reviews and recording video tutorials

Action! screen recorder is excellent tool for vloggers, editors and reviewers creating video content to publish on various websites or YouTube. Try our screen recorder now and create smooth, high quality and entertaining videos!

Capture video from games, apps and websites

Add your own logo

Add your voice comments

Add mouse clicks visualizations

Add video from up to 2 webcams

Make software and services reviews

Create videos answering FAQs

Record Tips and tricks

Show off your skills

With our screen recorder you can

Action! is a perfect screen recorder, it is compact, fast and easy to use. It can become an essential tool for every Marketing and Sales specialist.

Try now with free 30-day trial version.

Record presentations and slideshows from

Add your company logo to recorded videos

Add your voice comments

Add mouse clicks visualisations

Add video stream from your FaceCam

On-line presentations and slideshows

Windows applications

Windows 8 Modern apps

Other programs

PDF offers

All websites

General use of screen recorder

Action! is the best screen recorder, which can be used by anyone in different ways. Professional screen recorder allows you to creating pc game recordings, capture videos from web, record music, create video tutorials, provide technical support and more!

Download free 30-day trial and discover your way to use Action!

You can make awesome PC game videos

You can document and share problems with a computer

You can make software demonstrations or reviews

You can capture any software on your PC

You can record music from all websites, players and services

You can capture every video you can play on your PC

And much more!

Record online movies

Record TV shows

Record LIVE sport events

Record music video clips

Record music from all websites and services in WAV or M4A

Record all LIVE Stream services and LIVE events

Windows desktop applications

Windows 8/8.1 Modern UI apps and games





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